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Licentiatavhandlingar på Nada 2003-2004


2004-12-10 Viström, Magnus
Customised information on packaging: driving forces and logistical aspects
2004-11-19 Orebäck, Anders
A component framework for autonomous mobile robots
2004-11-12 Åsén, Per-Olov
A proof of a resolvent estimate for plane flow by new analytical and numerical techniques
2004-10-22 Ramström, Ola
Visual attention using game theory
2004-09-16 Halonen, Lena
Effects of newspaper structure on productivity
2004-08-17 Johansson, Christopher
Towards Cortex Isomorphic Attractor Neural Networks
Endast tryckt
2004-06-23 Wikström, Douglas
On the security of mix-nets and related problems
Endast tryckt
2004-06-18 Wallenius, Klas
Generic support for decision-making in management and command and control
2004-06-10 Abenius, Erik
Time-Domain Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering using FDTD and Gradient-based Minimization

Kupiainen, Marco
LES for compressible turbulent and reactive flows

2004-05-17 Martin Hassel, IPLab
Evaluation of Automatic Text Summarization
2004-02-26 Sara Leckner, Medieteknik
Soft proofing using liquid crystal display
2003-12-18 Ronnie Johansson, Cvap/Cas
Information Acquisition in Data Fusion Systems
2003-12-12 Leif Handberg, Medieteknik
On the implementation of production Management systems in the graphic arts industry.
2003-12-12 Daniel Appelö, NA-Gruppen
Non-reflecting Boundary Conditions for Wave Propagation Problems.
2003-10-28 Christer Johansson, NA-Gruppen
Numerical Methods for Ports in Closed Waveguides
2003-10-28 Andreas Atle, NA-Gruppen
Numerical Approximations of Time Domain Boundary Integral Equation for Wave Propagation
2003-10-27 Stefan Hagdahl, NA-Gruppen
Hybrid Methods for Computational Electromagnetics in the Frequency Domain
2003-09-26 Anna Redz 
On equuality testing protocols and their security
2003-06-12 Sandy Sefi, Na-Gruppen
Ray Tracing Tools for High Frequency Electromagnetics Simulations
2003-05-28 Gustav Taxén
Towards Living Exhibitions
2003-05-23 Erik Sundelöf, NA-Gruppen
Modelling of Reactive Gas Transport
2003-02-21 Carl-Magnus Fahlcrantz, Cvap
On the Evaluation of Systematic Print Mottle

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