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Licentiatavhandlingar på Nada 1991-1999

1999-10-15 Mattias Liefvendahl
On the stability of viscous shock waves
1999-06-10 Katarina Gustavsson, NA-gruppen
KTH Simulation of Consolidation Processes by Eulerian Two-Fluid Models
1999-06-08 Johannes Keukelaar, TCS-gruppen
A Visual Programming Language for the Analysis of Uncertain Spatial Data
1999-06-04 Sergei Simdyankin
Long-Time Behavior of Solutions to the Burgers Equation with Random Initial
1999-05-27 Patrik Skogqvist, NA-gruppen
An Adaptive Finite Difference Method for the Simulation of Combustible Flows
1999-03-26 Ulf Berggren, IPLab
Pappersmodellen som utgångspunkt för utformning av skrivsamarbetsverktyg
1999-03-09 Kristina Groth, IPLab
Knowledge Net – A Support for Sharing Knowledge within an Organisation
1998-10-23 Staffan Romberger, IPLab
Presentation och överblick vid läsning och datorstöd
1998-10-16 Anders Ålund, NA-gruppen
High Performance Computing in Fluid Dynamics and Electromagnetics
1998-10-15 Anna-Karin Tornberg, NA-gruppen
A finite element based level-set method for multiphase flow simulations
1998-06-17 Roland Orre, SANS
Data Mining and Process Modelling using a Bayesian Confidence Propagation Neural Network
1998-06-03 Py Kollberg, IPLab
S-notation – a computer based method for studying and representing text composition
1998-05-26 Lars Engebretsen, TCS-gruppen
KTH Approximating, generalizations of Max Cut
1997-12-05 Mariana Dorobantu, NA-gruppen
One-Dimensional Consolidation Models
1997-09-11 Lars Arvestad, TCS-gruppen
Adapting to nature – Some improvements on alignment algorithms in computational biology
1997-06-06 Anders Lundquist, CVAP
Pose estimation without explicit matching
1997-03-07 Pascal Grostabussiat, CVAP
On hybrid multi-scale representations
1996-12-13 Olof Runborg
Multiphase Computations in Geometrical Optics
1996-10-09 Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro, IPLab
Three-dimensional Interaction and Presentation for Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
1996-01-22 Olle Bälter, IPLab
Electronic mail from a user perspective – problems and remedies
1995-06-01 Anneli Avatare, IPLab
Multi-user drawing editors
1994-11-15 Per Westerlund, TCS gruppen
Application of Fuzzy Set Theory to some Problems Connected with the Monitoring and Diagnosis of Complex Industrial Processes
1994-09-05 Marcus Berglund,
Parallel Computer Simulation of Ground Vibrations, ch 1, ch2, ch 3
1994-05-17 Mihai Dorobantu, NA-gruppen
Potential Integral Equations of the 2D Laplace Operator in Wavelet Basis
1993-05 Fredrik Olsson, NA-gruppen
Numerical simulation of time dependent Viscoelastic fluid flow
1993-02-10 Johan Schubert, TCS-gruppen
Multiple Target Tracks in Evidential Intelligence Analysis
1992-01-23 Magnus Stensmo, SANS
A Query-Reply Classification System Based on an Artificial Neural Network
1991-12-16 Johan Malmliden, NA-gruppen
A fast Iterative Method to Compute the Free Surface Flow around a Submerged Body

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