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Doktorsavhandlingar på Nada 1992-1999

1999-12-17 Staffan Ulfberg, TCS
On Lower Bounds for Circuits and Selection
1999-10-15 Lars Bretzner, CVAP
Multi-Scale Feature Tracking and Motion Estimation
1999-03-24 Harald Winroth, CVAP
Dynamic Projective Geometry
1998-12-17 Olle Bälter, IPLab
Electronic mail in a working context
1998-10-16 Olof Runborg, NA.gruppen
Multiscale and multiphase methods for wave propagation
1998-10-05 Mats Näslund, TCS
Bit Extraction, Hard-Core Predicates, and the Bit Security of RSA
1998-09-18 Carsten Bräutigam
A Model-Free Voting Approach to Cue Integration
1998-06-16 Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski, SANS
Modeling of Bursting Mechanisms and Coordination in a Spinal Central Pattern Generator
1998-06-15 Peter Nordlund, CVAP
Figure-Ground Segmentation Using Multiple Cues (only summary)
1998-06-12 Pär Fornland, CVAP
Visually navigating in a conspicuously planar world
1998-05-29 Tom Wadden, SANS
Neural Control of Locomotion in Biological and Robotic Systems
1997-09-26 Anders Holst, SANS
The Use of a Bayesian Neural Network Model for Classification Tasks (only abstract)
1996-10-25 Gunilla Efraimsson, NA-gruppen
A Study of the Influence of Artificial Viscosity Terms on Solutions of Conservation Laws (only abstract)
1996-10-18 Erik Fransén, SANS
Biophysical Simulation of Cortical Associative Memory, Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch5
1996-09-03 Jacob Yström, NA-gruppen
On the Numerical Modelling of Concentrated Suspensions and of Viscoelastic Fluids
1996-06-10 Göran Olofsson, CVAP
Active Recognition of Geons
1996-06-06 Per Hammarlund, SANS
Techniques for Efficient Parallel Scientific Computing
1996-05-03 Tomas Uhlin, CVAP
Fixation and Seeing Systems
1996-04-26 Klas Samuelsson, NA-gruppen
Adaptive Algorithms for Finite Element Methods Approximating Flow Problems (only abstract)
1996-03-22 Atsuto Maki, CVAP
Stereo Vision in Attentional Scene Analysis
1995-11-03 Wei Zhang, CVAP
Understanding Intensity and Illumination Transitions
1995-10-16 Björn Levin, SANS
Extensions, Parallel Implementation and Applications of a Bayesian Neural Network
1995-09-25 Jiarong Li, IPLab
Object-oriented constraint programming for interactive applications
1995-09-22 Mihai Dorobantu, NA-gruppen
Wavelet-based Algorithms for Fast PDE Solvers
1995-04-06 Fredrik Olsson, NA-gruppen
A Numerical Method for Modelling Time-Dependent Viscoelastic Fluid Flow
1994-12-16 Johan Malmliden, NA-gruppen
Development of Numerical Methods for Ship Flow using Composite Overlapping
1994-06-08 Antonio Francisco, CVAP
KTH Active Structure Acquisition by continuos Fixation Movements
1994-05-26 Magnus Andersson, CVAP
Tracking Methods in Computer Vision
1993-12-15 Peter Eliasson, NA-gruppen
Dissipation Mechanisms and Multigrid Solutions in a Multiblock Solver for
Compressible Flow
1993-10-09 Kjell Brunnström, CVAP
Active Exploration of Static Scenes
1993-06-07 Hans Tråvén, SANS
On Pattern Recognition Applicationss of Artificial Neural Networks
1993-05-29 Ambjörn Naeve, CVAP
Focal Shape Geometry of Surfaces in Euclidean Space
1993-05-21 Kourosh Pahlavan, CVAP
Active Robot Vision and Primary Ocular Processes
1993-02 Örn Olafsson
Studies of one-leg collocation methods for ordinary differential equations
1992-12-15 Örjan Ekeberg, SANS
Computer Simulation Techniques in the Study of Neural Systems
1992-12-14 Henry Feng, TCS-gruppen
Decomposition and Computation of the Topology of Plane Real Algebraic Curves
1992-12-10 Mikael Goldmann, TCS-gruppen
On Threshold Circuits and Related Models Of Computation
1992-12-04 Jon Tegnér, NA-gruppen
Mathematical and Numerical Study of Detonation Waves
1992-09-29 Joachim Hollman, TCS-gruppen
Theory and Applications of Gröbner Bases
1992-05-12 Viggo Kann, TCS-gruppen
On the Approximability of NP-complete Optimization Problems
1992-03-26 Taifun Alishenas
Zur Numerischen Behandlung Stabilisierung durch Projection und Modellierung Mechanischer Systeme mit Nebenbedingungen und Invarianten

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