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Nils Enlund

Professor (chair)
room 4208A

Media Technology and Graphic Arts
Department of Numerical Analysis and Graphic Arts (NADA)
KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)
Lindstedtsv. 5
10044 Stockholm, Sweden

E-mail: nilse@kth.se
Telephone: +46-8-7906110
Mobile: +46-708-636668
Fax: +46-8-7918793

Responsible for the KTH/NADA research group for Media Technology and Graphic Arts.
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Media Technology at KTH.
Academically responsible for the Master of Technology Programme in Media Technology at Gjoevik University College, Norway.

A full (but boring) cv is avilable, should you wish to know more.

My current research interests include media production management, media industry development, interactive digital media, and mediated presence. But I am more or less involved in all ongoing projects within our group.